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Every person has to earn a living by doing a job. We do not live independently, but in communities and have to find our place in society. Choosing one´s job is a challenge and it can take time to make a final decision and choose the job we would like to do.

 In childhood and even later as teenagers, we do not think hard about how important such a decision is. We want to be pop singers, actors, actresses or even top sportsmen. As we grow up, we become wiser, gain more knowledge about ourselves and the society we live in, and we gradually have an idea about what we would like to do and what job would be appropriate for us. We realize that finding the right job is a crucial step in our lives. We need a job in which we can make the most of our talent, as well as a job in which we can make enough money to cover our living costs.

 The time for the final decision to be made is during secondary school, between the ages 16 and 19. We finally decide whether we want to do a manual job or a better paying job that requires more qualifications. Young people nowadays want to be lawyers, economists, managers, computer analysts, teachers and doctors. But if you do want to do any of the above mentioned jobs, you have to have a higher education (available at universities and colleges). And you have to work really hard to get the qualifications that are required in these professions.  

 Apart from the proper qualifications, you also need certain qualities or character traits. For instance, if you want to become a doctor, you need determination, patience, flexibility and sensitivity. You should be good at dealing with people and be prepared to work long hours – even weekends. On the other hand, a teacher should be friendly, good at dealing with people, good at explaining things and have a strong sense of fairness. A computer analyst must be good at using computers, think logically and be flexible, as well.

 There are professions in which you need to have a special talent and determination. People like artists, photographers, designers and journalists cannot succeed if they are not talented. To this type of work, you need to be independent and prepared to work irregular hours. You also need a good imagination and lots of creativity.

 After you have made your individual choice and got the qualifications for your chosen job, then it´s time to look for your future employer. There are several ways to find a job position. You can go through the classifieds or ask your friends or acquaintances if they know about any job vacancies. You could go to a job center and ask for help.

 Once you´ve found the job advertisement, you have to contact your future employer either by post, telephone or e-mail and find out if the position is still free. If it is, you have to write a CV in which you include all the necessary information: your personal data and details about your education, qualifications and special skills. The next step is sending you CV, along with a cover letter to your potential employer. And don´t forget to prepare for that all- important job interview that will surely follow.

Úlohy na samoštúdium

Extra otázky:

1. What factors influence the choice of a new job?
2. How can lack of recognition affect an employee’s decision to quit the job? 
3. What specific steps do you need to take to find a job? 
4. Would you consider earning a decent salary or having a good work environment as the motivating factor for choosing a new job? 
5. What is your most desired job? 
6. Why is it difficult to maintain work-life balance? 
7. Should women have to choose between a career and motherhood? 
8. How do you think the labor market will change in the future? 
9. Give a list of possible reasons why unemployment rate is going up even in developed countries.  
10. Explain what job discrimination is.  

Simulation 1

Read the advertisement and say what you would mention in your application letter. Say what has attracted you most to choose such a course. If not, explain why not. Recommend such course to you friend and explain why.  

52 Bateman Street 
Cambridge CB2 1 LR 
28 lessons a week 
all levels 
qualified teacher 
private or small group lessons if required 
accommodation arranged with families 

Simulation 2

Your friend started his new job and wants to make an impression on this boss. He starts work at 8AM and usually finishes at 8PM. Sometimes, he does not come home until 10PM. He often brings work home and works at the weekend as well. He has stopped visiting relatives and friends, you feel frustrated. What would you do?


How is the interview going? Talk about the differences in these pictures.    


1. Obrázky -
2. Bérešová J. a kol. (2008) Nová maturita z angličtiny - Vyššia úroveň B2
3. Kálaziová I. (2019) Úspešná maturita - Anglický jazyk - úroveň B2
4. Bérešová J. (2005) Nová maturita - Anglický jazyk - Interná časť 


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