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Lifestyle and hobbies


I´m going to talk about a topic that concerns every one of us and that is lifestyle, hobbies and our free time. First, let me define each of these terms. Lifestyle is somebody´s way of living. Some people prefer it busy and some prefer it more chilled and calm. There are people who are work focused and devote most of their time to perfecting their business or project, just to get to a higher position on market. Although these people do not have the commodity known as free time, they still realize that it is very important to move and eat in a healthy way so that their bodies would work properly. Many of them find time to go to the gym or cook for themselves, but it isn´t because they enjoy doing it, but most probably it is because they want to be somewhat healthy. Free or leisure time is time which is not used for completing duties or responsibilities created by employer, school or parents, but it is time when a person can do what they want. These activities are also known as hobbies.

 Many people nowadays are talking about work-life balance. It is crucial to find the time for everything because we live quickly and years pass by. Why is it important? Work-life balance is a concept which says that there is time to work, but also there is time to enjoy life doing what you love. It can be spending time with your family, learning a new skill, doing different activities. As I have mentioned before, there are people who do not cherish this concept and choose to work in their free time as well. They can either be money-motivated because they need to provide for their families or they might strive to progress into better position and thus get better working conditions. On the other hand, there are people who are able to find work-life balance. When they finish their work, they either go home or to a facility where they perform leisure time activities.

 Free time activities may be organized. It is usual for children and their extra-curricular activities that parents choose for them. These activities may be concerned with further learning or physical activities. Many of us remember that during our elementary school studies, we attended art school as well. We learnt how to play the piano or the guitar, how to draw or sing. This type of free time activity might not have been our choice, but most of us admit that it was a good decision to go there. There are extra-curricular activities that schools offer, such as chess club, martial arts, gymnastics, math club and so on. When I was a child I attended piano lessons twice a week and theory once a week. I really wanted my parents to sign me up to a dance club at our school, but I was never successful in persuading them. Organized activities are very good and helpful especially for children of younger age because these activities are supervised. It would be impossible for a parent to let their little children go out or travel around town by themselves. Therefore, parents choose this type of extra-curricular learning.

 When people are older and more responsible, they like to choose free time activities for themselves. They no longer obey their parents. It might be caused by the fact that their parents have a different idea of fun and fulfillment. Many teenagers choose to spend their free time with their friends socializing, either somewhere outside or via internet. Gaming is a popular activity. Not only children but also adults spend their time creating new strategies in a fantasy world which is becoming more realistic every second. These two activities are considered as passive. It also includes activities as watching TV, going to the cinema etc. There are also active free time activities. These are physically challenging, for example doing sports, professionally or not – volleyball, basketball, judo, Kung-Fu, kick box, hockey.

 The choice of our free time activities influences our lives. Depending on what we choose, it can affect our health, cognitive skills, team work or creativity. For instance, when a person chooses gaming, it can help him with team work and strategic thinking which can be very useful in everyday life or when somebody chooses art of any form, it enhances our creativity and helps us to calm down. Our health is mostly influenced by active free time activities.

 In conclusion, we have an infinite choice of activities or hobbies that we can choose to do. It is always the best when we choose something that makes us happy, but also is beneficial to our life in different ways.

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Extra otázky:

1. How have changes in society influenced the ways people spend their leisure time?
2. What is the impact of technology development on the way people spend their leisure time? 
3. What is the difference between men´s and women´s participation in leisure time activities? 
4. How does age limit the choice of leisure time activities? 
5. What are typical leisure time activities in urban and rural areas? 
6. Explain what social status and leisure activities have in common.  
7. Give opinion whether parent should organize the leisure activities of their children. 


You are an interviewer for your school magazine. Make an interview about your English teacher´s television watching habits. Persuade him/her to watch more game shows which train the brain and your favorite chat shows.  

You are being interviewed about television watching. You prefer watching films in their original form because it helps improve your foreign languages. You mostly watch educational programs but in general you do not spend a lot of time watching television. You prefer and active way of spending your free time. 


Give a short speech with the title “Recreation is essential for young people´s well-being.”

Include in your speech: how important having leisure time is, asses the ways young people spend their free time giving their positives and negatives. Conclude your speech with some suggestions of interesting free-time activities available in your town or village.


Look at the pictures. Compare and contrast them.


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