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One dictionary defines relationships as the way people or groups feel about rach other and behave towards each other. When two people or groups are friendly and work well together we say that they have a good relationship. Personal relationships are like sunshine, the weather or the temperature – being friendly is like warmth, and being unfriendly is like cold. Relationships are also like physical connections. When a good relationship ends, it sometimes feels like losing a part of yourself. A lot of people believe that a broken relationship can be repaired, but only like a torn thread in which a knot will remain forever. Or maybe it´s like when a broken vase is glued back together but the cracks never go away.

 Relationships between men and women work despite overwhelming sex differences. Much of the credit here goes to women because they have the necessary skills to manage relationships and family. They´re equipped with the ability to sense the motives and meanings behind speech and behavior, and can therefore predict outcomes and take action early to avert problems. This factor alone would make the world much safer place. Men are equipped to hunt and chase lunch, find their way home, fire-gaze and procreate. They need to learn new ways of modern survival.

 Relationships become rocky when men and women fail to acknowledge they are biologically different and when each expects the other to live up to their expectations. Much of the stress comes from the false belief that men and women are now the same and have the same priorities, drives and desires.

 People with the same values usually stick together, but there´s an old saying that opposites attract. When we make friends, we usually try to find people who have similar attitudes towards life as we do. We like to be around people who think like we do and even solve problems in a similar way. But friendships can change into love if people fall in love with each other. Some people don´t just believe that a men and a woman can be true friends and that if they say they are “just” friends, one of them must be suffering and suppressing their real emotions.

 If there are any conflicts in the world, somebody must stop the bloodshed and looting, get food to desperate people and then to rebuild the nation – pacifying the factions, creating a bare-bones local government and repairing the infrastructure. American support a new policy – military intervention when a large-scale human tragedy occurs is now reason to impose peace on country by the humanitarian use of force to stop the violence.

Human suffering is not considered a reason to act. If a certain magnitude of human tragedy is reached in any country, it continues a threat to international peace and security. Many times in the early days precious tragedies were regarded as an internal matter. Once the precedent has been set, it´s hard to see how missions of mercy can be avoided in other large-scale threats to life. Someone has to be in charge of each military intervention.

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Extra otázky:

1. What special occasions do families get together for?
2. Why are friends an important part of person´s life? 
3. Why do some young people find it difficult to establish relationships with their peers? 
4. Why do adolescents tend to commit serious rile violations? 
5. What is conflict? 
6. What are the causes of conflicts between friends? 
7. What are the causes of conflicts between parents and teenagers? 
8. Why is resolving the conflict between parents and children hard work? 
9. Make a list of social problems that occur in the world.  
10. “It´s not what you know, it´s who you know”. Talk about social contacts, meetings and their importance.  


Your child is very dependent on you and you think that her decisions are very childish. You do not think that she is able to make serious decisions and each time she leaves home you are frightened of what might happen. You do not like her friends, they seen to be very spoilt and unreliable.   

You are not satisfied with the way your parents treat you. You have to be at home by 11pm and cannot wear what you want. They do not allow you to spend your weekends according to your expectations and you have to do what they want. You have decided to explain to them that you are 18 and have your own life. 


A friend of yours was cheating in the exam. Your teacher accused you for copying your friend´s papers but you know that your friend flatters his teacher and is his favorite. You do not feel guilty. What should you do? What would you say to your friend? How would you resolve the conflict?


What emotions can you see in the pictures? What are the relationships between the people?


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