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For centuries, individuals or societies have used clothes and other body adorments as a form of nonverbal communication to indicate occupation, rank, sexual availability, locality, class, wealth and group affiliation. Fashion is a form of free speech. It not only embraces clothing, but also accessories, jewelry, hairstyles, beauty and body art. What we wear and how and when we wear it, provides others with shorthand to subtly read the surface of a social situation.

 Fashion is also a language of signs, symbols and iconography that non-verbally communicate meaning about individuals and groups. Fashion in all its forms from tattoos and body piercing, to the newest hairstyle, is the best form of iconography we have to express individual identity. It enables us to make ourselves understood with rapid comprehension by onlookers.

 We now look to fashion magazines, fashion designers, fashion models, celebrities and even clothes shop windows to give us ideas of what the latest fashion trend is and how we should look. Today it is undesirable to accept the beautiful female form that painters in the old days painted if we are to be thought beautiful in a way that the majority expects in the 21st century. The elegance of 1900s looks ridiculous and designer labels have become a key influence and they are trendy.

 Brand-name products give some children a sense of identity and help them fit in with a peer group. They like to be dressed in labels mainly sports items like Nike, Adidas, Reebok. They think that if they have the wrong brand they will be excluded from the group. Therefore they nag their parents until they buy them what they want. For some people, brand-name products are not important and they choose their clothing according to the material, usefulness, comfort and their feelings.

 The clothes that people find in shopping centers usually belong to fast fashion. These are brands which specifically produce clothes that go out-of-fashion very quickly so that people are tempted to buy new style of clothes every season.

 In some professions carefully and thoughtfully chosen clothing can lend powerful support to our physical presence. Some people when they are doing something important, they wear clothes they like and that make them feel good. If clothes put them in a positive mood, chances are they will work more efficiently. On certain occasions the key factor is following the prevailing political dictates regarding clothing choice. Sometimes it is very important to ask someone who can help people work out a dress approach that fits on certain occasions. Some recommendations for business say people should dress well, but their clothing should not call attention to itself.

 Fashion is not the same worldwide. There are countries which have similar styles of clothing, but they also have their typical fashion that is worn until this day. It might be influenced by their past or the religion which is prevailing there. For instance, we have traditional clothes that people still wear on specific occasions. Weddings are not done unless the groom and the bride wear the clothes. Arabic counties or counties where religion of Islam is present, have strict rules concerning fashion. Women cannot show their skin, so they wear long dress and they cover their head as well. There are more types of covers, such as hijab or burka. When we see Indian wedding, we can see people wearing many beautiful colors. Women usually wear sari which is made from one long fabric that is secured around the body.

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Extra otázky:

1. What does proverb “clothes make the man” mean to you?
2. What are the benefits of having your clothes custom tailored? 
3. What are your favorite clothes shops and why? 
4. Which factors do you consider when buying new clothing? 
5. Where do people learn about fashion trends from? 
6. What role do fashion designers play in setting trends? 
7. How important are brand name product for people nowadays? 
8. Talk about whether you follow fashion trends. What style of clothes do you wear? 


You want to persuade you parents to buy you a brand-name traners which are very expensive because you want to impress a group of young people you want to belong to. Give some ideas on how to pester your parents to buy them.  

You child wants you to buy him/her a new pair of expensive brand-name trainers. You do not think that this is a wise purchase. Tell your child that you can buy something which is of the same design, but it isn´t brand-name.  


What clothes would you recommend to somebody who planned to travel to:
- Tropical zone 
- Mild continental zone  
- Arctic zone  
How does the weather in different climates influence the choice of clothes? 


Look at the pictures. Compare and contrast them.


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