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Youth and their world


It is natural that each generation of young people differs from the one before it. Our grandparents lived in totally different conditions which influenced their behavior, attitude towards society and values.

 Currenly, fashion from the past is coming back, but young people prefer to wear brand name clothing, but more young people are also dressing in sexy styles, even when they´re just spending free time with friends. Girls are careful with their make-up and hairstyle which can be dangerous when make-up makes the girl look older.

 Young people have access to all the modern inventions that make our lives easier. Those born after 1995 cannot imagine life without a computer or mobile phone. They are used to saving time by using their computers not only for work, but also for searching any information they might need. They are used to Internet banking, shopping online and using the Google search engine to find whatever they need. Some of them feel that life is already passing them by so they try to use every minute of every day.

 In the developed world, young people are usually well-educated, experienced and self-confident. They know their goals and try to reach them. They are often hardworking, but they understand that only relaxed and healthy people can enjoy their work and life. So they invest in their health, try to eat healthier meals and workout in the hym or play sport regularly. Many of these young people have a lot of opportunities to study or work abroad. They often see those opportunities as changes to earn money and gain experience.

On the path to the adulthood, teenagers have to cope with various dangers. They can be roughly defined as eating disorders, teen depression, substance abuse and young violence.

Most of people feel sad or unhappy at various times in their life, but teenage depression that extends for a longer length of time and that interferes with their daily life is considered to be major depression. This type of teen depression isn´t to be taken lightly and should be treated as early as possible to prevent further problems. Teen eating disorders are often long-term illness that may require long-term treatment. In addition, teen eating disorders frequently occur with other mental disorders. The earlier these disorders are diagnosed and treated, the better the chances are for a full recovery.

Drug abuse is costly to society as a whole but is especially harmful to youth. Young people´s immature physical and psychological development makes them more susceptible than adults to the harmful effects of drugs. Behavior patterns that result from teen and preteen drug use often have tragic consequences. Self-degradation, loss of control, disruptive conduct and antisocial attitudes can cause untold harm to juveniles and their families.

Youth violence can be defined as any intentional physical, sexual or psychological assault or another person by one or more young people. Youth violence can be perpetrated collectively by groups or gangs, or committed by individuals. Similarly, the victims of youth violence can be groups or gangs of youth, or an individual young person. The most common victims of youth violence are peers, family members, and members of ethno-cultural groups or sexual minorities.

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Extra otázky:

1. What makes young people happy?
2. What do young people worry about? 
3. What concerns do young people face in society today? 
4. Why do young people feel anxious about their carriers? 
5. Why are young people concerned about financial issues? 
6. What risks does smoking carry? 
7. What are the dangerous effects of alcohol use among teenagers? 
8. How can teenagers be prevented from experimenting with drugs? 
9. Explain why it is not always easy for the young people to accept the opinions and examples of their elders. 
10. What advice would you give to someone who was being bullied? 


You have reached 16 and decided to leave school. This evening you would like to talk about it with our parents. Explain them that you want to earn money and become independent from them. You will finish your studies later after earning enough money. 

You are a parent who has some financial problem but there is one priority – your child and his education. You will do anything to provide him education and cannot accept that your child wants to leave school. Persuade him to change his mind, giving proper advice. 


Some people are skeptic about young people. Talk about present teenagers and their ability to be the force of the future. Say what you admire about them and be critical to those features you dislike.


What types of bullying are presented in these pictures?


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2. Bérešová J. a kol. (2008) Nová maturita z angličtiny - Vyššia úroveň B2
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