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Many people say that we are what we eat and they might not lie. Indeed, our food intake affects the way our body functions and it also influences our energy level and fluctuation of our mood. That is probably the reason why a new word was coined. People combined words hungry and angry and created the word “hangry” which means that you are feeling angry because you are hungry.

 Nutritionists say that it is healthy for a person to eat at certain increments, at least 3 times a day. The main meals of the day are called breakfast, lunch and dinner. These have different savory and sweet options. People like to have granola, oat meal or avocado on toast as their breakfast. For lunch, they either cook at home or go to a restaurant where they eat a dish which consists of meat, vegetables and a side, such as rice or potatoes. In between every meal, we like to eat snacks, fruit, chocolate or chips. It can vary according to everyone´s preference.

Nutritional value of food is worth mentioning in this topic. Food differs according to the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it provides. We have three basic macro nutrients that are essential for our body – proteins, carbs and fats. No matter what way of eating you prefer, you need to meet the body´s needs. Good sources of proteins are meat or legumes. Fats can be tricky sometimes. You need to be careful what fats you eat and how much of them you eat because they can increase your cholesterol, which can be dangerous since it clogs up your veins. Sources of fats are avocado, nuts, cheese, bacon, butter, oil. The last but not least are carbohydrates, also known as carbs. We have various forms – slow carbs and fast carbs. Slow carbs are for example oats. It means that they progressively release the energy as they are being digested. On the other hand, fast carbs give you immediate energy but after the release a crash of energy occurs. Food that is mostly made of carbs contains fiber, which is crucial for our gut health. It helps our micro-biome in our intestines which helps our overall well-being.

 There are different ways of eating that are preferable for people. Most of the population eats omnivore diet. It means that they eat meat as well as vegetables and fruit. Vegetarians restrict themselves of meat, but they do not have problem to eat any other animal product like milk, yogurt or honey. Pescetarians eat only fish and no other type of meat. There are two ways of eating that are absolute opposites in their essence. First is veganism. When you are vegan, you eat plant- based food. You do not eat any animal product, no eggs and no honey. Veganism isn´t only about dietary restriction, but the people are also concerned with sustainable way of life and the future of our planet. On the opposite side of the spectrum are carnivores. These are the people who solely eat meat, nothing else - bacon as breakfast, steak as lunch and kebab as dinner, no vegetables or grains. They claim that everything that the body needs is included in meat.

 Nevertheless the way that people choose to eat, every person should be aware of the amount of food they consume. Intake should equal our outtake. However, nowadays much food is made in a way that it is calorie dense, such as fast food. It means that you do not get enough nutrients for the calories that you eat which can be dangerous because it can cause overeating and therefore weight gain. Many people in America are obese due to eating out a lot. When people eat out, they are looking for convenient food, fast and tasty. Unfortunately, it is becoming a trend in Slovakia as well. Many people are obsessed with losing weight, so they go on a diet. Magazines are filled with pages upon pages with crazy diets that don´t work because a person experiences jojo-effect right after. Some of the popular restrictions that people use are not solely for fat loss, but for bettering their health. For example, elimination diet is proposed to a person who has problems with digesting certain types of food, such as lactose. It means that they take these foods out and after some time they incorporate them back to their eating habits. Another very popular method is intermittent fasting, usually used by fitness athletes. This method helps to boost your metabolism. It works in a way that you have only few hours window every day when you are allowed to eat, and you are fasting or not eating all of the remaining hours…

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Extra otázky:

1. What are the best food cultures in the world?
2. What are the traditional culinary specialties of the country you come from? 
3. How can global migration enrich the food culture of the host country´s population? 
4. Which are the classic British dishes? 
5. What are essential ingredients that you always have in your pantry? 
6. What is the most popular type of eating in Slovakia? 
7. What is the source of protein for vegetarians?  
8. What does pescetarian diet mean? 


You don´t like the food you are being served in your school cafeteria and would like to do something about it. You managed to arrange a meeting with the head cook and want to propose changes. You´d like to include more vegetarian meals and vegetables into your lunches. State what advantages it would bring to students´ health, but also what advantages it has for the cooks. 

You are a head cook of a school cafeteria. A student comes to you with a proposal to change the meals that you prepare, but you prefer to cook traditionally because all your cooks are used to it and every cafeteria at school works like this. These changes are difficult for you to accept.  


You are in a debate titled: “Veganism – is it good?”

You are for veganism. You think that this is the future of eating. State your arguments to your opponent. Include what veganism is, how it affect person´s health and talk about the benefits for the planet.


Look at the pictures. Compare and contrast them.


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