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Heroes, role models and idols


As human beings, we are similar to each other, but as individuals we are different from each other. Each is unique personality, having both positive qualities – virtues – and negative qualities – vices – that we have gradually picked up throughout our growing-up years. We have been influenced by our families, schoolmates, and friends and just about everybody around us. Some influences have been positive, others have been negative, but, either way we are always looking to other to find out how we fit in this world.

Our parents were our first role models. They brought us up and taught us to be polite and friendly. We were taught to greet and respect people, and help those in need. Later, when we started to attend school, we got to know more people and had to learn how to get on with hem. New role models came to our lives – our teachers and classmates. Every class had a person who was more popular than others and probably most of us had experienced feeling that we want to be like them.

The teenage years are perhaps the most important period in the development og our personalities. But teenagers tend to look for role models outside their family and school. They have the ideals that their parents and teachers taught them, but still they look for idols – people who they can admire and follow. Because teenagers love music, movies and sport, they might choose people they read about in newspapers and magazines, like pop singers, movie stars and famous sportsmen. Younger teenagers often idolize celebrities and try to imitate them in clothing, hairstyles and lifestyles. The influence celebrities have on the younger generation is really important, yet, it seems that not all influencers understand or are even aware of the fact.

Some celebrities live lives that few parents would approve of. It seems these rich and famous performers ignore the fact that what they do can influence their fans negatively. They are drug or alcohol addicted, their behavior is eccentric and often wild, they do not respect people around them and they think they are better than others. Some young people follow their footsteps, falling into addiction, alcoholism and partying, not realizing that they don´t have the money for alcohol or drug treatment facilities.

On the other hand, there are some famous people who are positive role models. These are the ones who have worked really hard to achieve success. Some organize live performances and mega concerts to raise money for charities who work with orphaned children, starving people or those suffering from terrible diseases.

Good role models can be found in literary works, too – in stories and novels. Most literary heroes are people with high moral standards with whom readers can identify and whose example they may follow.

 Last but not least, there are everyday heroes – lifeguards, firefighters, soldiers, doctors – who are brave and do not hesitate to risk their lives and help the victims of natural and man-made disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, droughts and war. Their courage and high moral standards make them excellent role models which no one should be afraid to follow.

Úlohy na samoštúdium

Extra otázky:

1. How much of a part does personality play in becoming a hero?
2. When you hear the word hero what is the first thing that comes to your mind? 
3. What courageous and selfless acts have turned ordinary people into heroes? 
4. Do you agree with the statement: “heroes are made, not born”? 
5. How much of a role does special training to save lives play in becoming a hero? 
6. How would you describe yourself in four words? 
7. Do you consider yourself a hero? 
8. What´s the last thing you´ve done that´s worth remembering? 
9. Whose life have you had the greatest impact on? 
10. Who do you look up to? 


You have changed your attitude to your mom because two years ago something happened to her and since that time she has changed a lot. She is always bad-tempered, does not understand you at all. She has become very suspicious and sometimes, because of her behavior, you feel ashamed. You understand you owe her a lot – that´s why you do not have a good feeling from your behavior. You have started to ignore her and talk back.  

Your friend does not behave very well to his mom. You decided to talk openly about her role in his life. You have heard that she really made sacrificed when he was a little child and spend days and nights at his bed. Your friend is talking very negatively about his mom. Persuade him that parents are real heroes. 


You were walking along the street when you saw a man attacking a young girl. You do tae-kwon-do and are able to protect yourself but have never tried to protect anybody else. What would you do? Who do you consider a real hero?


What types of heroes can you see? What are the differences between heroes in the first picture and heroes in the second picture?


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