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Travel and transport


Travelling is becoming an inherent part of every person´s life. It is easier than ever before. In the past, people did not have enough money to travel to different countries, they didn´t have means to travel- planes were either not invented or after they were, only the rich could afford them. When I´m listening to stories of people who lived through socialism, they say that if you wanted to go abroad, you needed to have permission from the state, otherwise they wouldn´t let you leave. The travel destinations at that time were Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. Families spent their summers by the beach, playing in the sea. When we look at travel today, it is absolutely different. You can travel anywhere in the world and the only thing you need is your passport. The borders are not closed. If you´re travelling to another European country, you only need to carry your ID. There is no control at the border, you can

move freely. Of course, there are countries where you must apply for visa first, and after your submission is accepted, you can go there. This way, countries protect themselves from immigrants. For example, Australia – you can get tourist visa that last up to 3 months, but if you want to get visa for longer because you want to work and settle there, it is much more difficult. Destinations that are attractive to tourists are for instance south-east Asia like Vietnam, Bali, Thailand, or in Arabic counties, Dubai is one of the busiest destinations.

I have a dream. I´d like to travel to Iceland one day. It is quite expensive country to go to because of the rise in tourism, but it is absolutely gorgeous. What attracts me about this country is that it is set on two tectonic plates and therefore there is high volcanic and geothermal activity. It is a land of fire and ice, as people say. The nature is untouched. It is mind-blowing to see how our plant works.

People travel for several reasons. The most pleasant one is holidays. Families plan their holidays together. They either use services provided by travel agencies, which show them different possibilities of accommodation and destinations according to the price range. The advantage of using travel agencies is that you do not need to think about the responsibilities that planning nice vacation entails. You can go on a relaxing vacation, all inclusive, only by the pool, drinking a cold drink and sleeping, or you can go on an excursion and become familiar with nature and culture of a different nation. This is a great way to expand your knowledge about the world. Many times, what media presents is not true and you can only find it out when you go to that country. Another way is to plan your holidays yourself. It is less challenging money-wise, but it takes a long time to plan a holiday like this. You can get great deals on flight tickets or even accommodation. Of course, you will most certainly not get the highest quality, but it will be a bargain.

Students have an opportunity to apply for an exchange program, which means that they will study and live in a country of their choice for 3-12 months. Our high schools offer this program and universities have it as well. It is a great opportunity for a student to be exposed to a different lifestyle. They learn how to deal with problems by themselves, how to find new friends and how to be wise with money. They gain new budgeting skills.

Another reason why people travel is their health. A family moves to a different country just to be near a specialist who can treat their child´s disease or as I hear, in England, it is still a custom for doctors to prescribe patients with respiratory problems to go and live by the sea.

Let us consider means of transport that are available today, their advantages and disadvantages. The most common means of transport is a car. One uses it for short of long distances. The advantage is that it is available to anyone, you can have either your own car or you can hire it for a certain period of time. There are several cons when travelling to a different country, though. It can only fit four or five people the most and it takes a long time to get you your destination when you want to go form Slovakia to a country by the sea ….

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Extra otázky:

1. How will people travel in the future?
2. How can travelling abroad influence foreign language learning? 
3. What factors influence tourist satisfaction? 
4. What can make a journey unique? 
5. What negative effects can travel have on the environment?  
6. Talk about your personal attitude to tourism and its possible impact on counties. 
7. Talk about tourism in Slovakia.  
8. Do you think that it will be possible to travel to space for civilians in the future? 
9. What are the basic touristic sights in London? 


You are a passenger in a taxi and would like to get to your friend´s place. You are in a good mood and want to talk to the taxi driver. Prepare some talk to make a taxi driver answer your questions. Your friends told you that you would be overcharged so ask for the price and negotiate to pay less.  

You are a taxi driver who does not like those who poke their nose into your own business. You need to earn more because your wife is unemployed. Make sure that you provide a professional service 


Imagine that you were offered to choose a famous person (alive or dead) to spend your holidays with. Say who you would choose and why and where you would like to go. Planning your holidays, talk about the things you should not forget. 


Look at the pictures. Compare and contrast them.


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