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Home and living


The topic, that I´m going to talk about today, is home and living. As we all know, every person has a different housing situation. We differentiate between living in blocks of flats or houses depending on what you prefer or what you can afford financially. When a person lives alone and they want to be debt free, they usually buy a studio flat, I personally call it 4 in 1. It has everything you need in one room, even a kitchen. Families usually live in bigger spaces – 2, 3 or 4 bedroom apartments, so that each member has a sense of privacy. Of course, not everybody prefers apartment buildings. Some people love gardening and having their own grounds, hence they buy houses. There are three basic types that we can see around us – detached, semi-detached, and terraced. Detached houses are houses which are standing alone, surrounded by a garden or a yard. This type of a house if usually more expensive to build compared to the other types, but it provides privacy and freedom to add other structures to the house. The second mentioned are semi-detached houses. These are two houses connected together with one wall. The advantage is that you have only one close neighbour that you need to get along with and the last mentioned are terraced houses. This type of a house is not as expensive since the living area is similar as in a flat and you only get a small yard and neighbours from both sides of your house. Some people are lucky enough that they can afford a second home. If they live in a flat and they would like to have a safe haven somewhere else, they built a cottage usually near a forest or cabins in mountains. 

Living in a city and a village has its fundamental differences. City is more crowded, busy and big, so a person can get lost in it. Nobody would even notice that you are not there. People don´t know their neighbours and they don´t care to know them. Inhabitants live either in flats, which is a cheaper option, or in houses. The type of a house that is becoming more and more popular in the cities and suburbs is terraced house. People crave having a garden, but they do not have enough time to take care of it. Therefore, this is the best solution. Let´s consider a village life for a second. Villages are smaller, which means that there are less people. Neighbours know one another. If you are not at home for a few days, they start asking where you went. At least, it was a custom in the old days. Detached houses are the most common and every house has a big yard, where a garden and also a sitting area where you can have a barbeque are. Some people grow their own produce and others have farm animals as well. If I had to choose between living in a city or a village, I would most certainly pick a village near a city. 

The next point I would like to cover is the housing options for young people who have finished their studies and would like to be independent. As much as they want to fly out of the nest, it is quite challenging. The employers are looking for a person with experience and if you do not have it, you don´t get as much money as you expect. Indeed, the youth have high expectations for their lifestyle which are sometimes too over the top. If a young adult want to save some money to be able to afford a small flat in the future, they need to stay in their parents´ house – it´s the cheapest option. Although some can´t wait to leave their moms and dads, so they rent a flat, either alone or they rent only a room in a flat and they live with roommates, sometimes these are their friends and sometimes total strangers. If they do decide to buy a flat and thus take a mortgage, the first option they are going for are studio-flats or 1 bedroom flats and then they level up. 

My parents created a very nice home for us. We live in a detached house near a city. We have quite a big yard where my dog lives. Although we have only small garden, we tend to have lots of fruit and vegetables for the season. My room is on the second floor of the house. When I was little, I shared a room with my brother, but as we were growing up, our parents decided to give us our separate rooms. I vividly remember that day. I was the happiest person in the world. Two years ago, I redecorated my room. It is industrial style now. I have one brick wall and black metallic details on all furniture. I would like to style my own house like this in the future. 

Úlohy na samoštúdium

Extra otázky:

1. What does a house reveal about the people who live in it?
2. What does proverb “home is where the heart is” mean to you? 
3. What does “home” mean to you? Make a list of things which you think make a home.  
4. What problems might young families face when bringing up their children in a block of flats? 
5. Consider possible sources of finance when buying a flat or a house.  
6. What kinds of people are prone to feeling lonely and homesick? 
7. Give examples of accommodation for retired people. 
8. Explain what open-plan space means.  
9. Why do some people become homeless? 
10. What are advantages and disadvantages of living in a dorm? 


You have completed your university studies and would like to stay in the capital city to live in a rented flat with your friend. Your parents own a big house and they have been looking forward to your graduation because they would like you to stay with them. They have built a house for two families. You need to explain them your choice.  

You have bought a two-storey house to make a place for your child to live with his/her future family. You have been waiting for 5 years while he/she graduated. Now it´s time to talk about it.  


You would like to buy a house and you have found this advertisement in the local newspaper. Talk about your expectations from the advertisement and compare them with those you expect a nice house should be like.

Historic Oast house beautifully renovated and set within 12 acres of rambling Kent countryside. Sitting room – Dining room – stylish new kitchen/breakfast room – bathroom – master bedroom/bathroom suite – 4 further bedrooms – games room – swimming pool – double garage


Look at the pictures. Compare and contrast them.


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